Joyful Living Spaces is about bringing joy and simplicity to people through organization, coaching, and eliminating the stress of daily life.

We believe that if we declutter our spaces, our minds, and our to-do lists, we welcome time, peace and joy back into our lives.  At Joyful Living Spaces, we aim to be your solace by eliminating the excess baggage that daily life in a busy world creates.

Join us for a purely simple approach to an organized and joyful life.

Joyful Living Spaces revitalized my home at a time when I needed it the most. I am absolutely floored by the changes I have been able to make in the organization and beauty of my home with Kate’s guidance, support and suggestions. Kate is masterful at helping simplify what feels overwhelming and at encouraging you to feel empowered about creating clean, beautiful spaces in your home. Before working with Kate (who helped me both in person and virtually), I thought my clutter was a lost-cause and I had resigned myself to believe that my children’s toys would always be out of control.  Not only did Kate revitalize my home, but her expertise gave me confidence to know that I can maintain and continue to create joy in my living spaces. Moreover, she gave me tips and pointers on how to teach my toddler to be tidy and how to create a systemized lifestyle “flow” so that my home can remain beautiful, even in the midst of chaotic weeks and with a messy, on-the-go family.  The changes Kate helped me make have elevated my confidence and pride in my home … I now host more impromptu playdates, have my neighbors drop in more frequently and I have less stress. Thank you Kate, thank you Joyful Living Spaces!

Trish Blackwell, Confidence Coach, Author Founder of The College of Confidence, Personal Trainer, NASM-CPT


Joyfully Organized