How I Broke Free from Infertility, Naturally

As most of you know, I have never been a fan of posting or writing as it seemed I never really had anything that important to say. This year, however, I have been given the gift of time.

Time for pregnancy and birth; time for reflection; time for hardship; time for research and understanding; time for making healthier choices; time to be a mom; time to consider my options professionally; time to investigate the best products for my family, my home and myself; and time to create a life that matters.

With that said, I have begun blogging, created a Facebook page for Joyful Living Spaces – for all of my organizing and simplifying tips, and built a Facebook group called “Clean Momma” where I will not only post steps in my own health journey, but will help you to understand the importance of health – so we all can live a joyful life knowing we are taking care of ourselves and our families.  I will connect with many woman who are providing amazing insight into all the corners of our lives as women and post about them, too.

But first, I wanted to share my story.

Over 5 years ago, I was in the midst of infertility and depression. My husband and I had tried for years to get pregnant and had failed at every turn. After our IVF procedure failed in June of 2013, I hit a low that I had never felt before. But, it was the storm before the calm (yes, the storm came first) – because it forced me to take a solid, critical look at how I was treating my body and to do something about it.

With the help of a close friend (thank you for saving me!), I began the following journey:

  1. I saw an acupuncturist (thank you, Khalsa Integrative Medicine)
  2. I dropped gluten, sugar, corn, coffee and alcohol from my diet (thank you, Dr. Khalsa & Kris Carr)
  3. I exercised daily
  4. I practiced mindfulness – yoga and mediation
  5. I spent time with positive people
  6. I prayed

I never felt better. And in September, 2013, on a random Sunday afternoon, my husband and I found out that we were going to be parents, naturally. WHOA! The world of health and wellness opened up to me and I have never looked back.

Fast forward to May 2017, I was about to turn 40 years old in July and we had a beautiful, thriving, 3 year old girl. We never stopped hoping or trying for more children, but felt it was just a pipe dream.

With my 40th birthday fast approaching, we made a pact to simplify our lives and get healthy.  I sold or donated most (if not all) of the baby things I still had left, and I embarked in the same health journey I was on in 2013.

Again, I saw an acupuncturist(thank you, Acupuncture and Herbology Clinic), I took herbs specific for kidney, immune, and fertility health, I did the Whole30 cleanse, I exercised daily, I practiced mindfulness, I bought a Berkey water filter, I replaced all home cleaning products with all natural products, I made peace with my demons, I started my Joyful Living Spaces business, I simplified my spaces (inside and out), and I prayed.

I never felt better.  And in August 2017, on a random Sunday afternoon, my husband and I found out that we were going to be parents, naturally, AGAIN!  Oh the miracles that we have seen.

Since then, I have battled through a hard pregnancy, managed kidney stones to the tune of passing 24 of them, recovered from a c-section, and been blessed with the ability to breastfeed my now two month old daughter.

It has occurred to me that it was time to dive deeper into health and wellness.  I needed to regain my strength and my knowledge of what causes bad health and how I could avoid those things I could control.

I have never been a beauty person.  I have only barely put on face lotion and my sister can attest to the fact that I hated applying body lotion or sunscreen because it felt sticky and oily.  But, when I really thought about all that I had done to be healthy, there was one factor that I had missed.

My skin.

How could I have gone this long neglecting the largest organ on my body?  How could I read labels on all the things that I ate and drank, but not on the things I put on my skin?  It was time to make a change.

I did not realize the effect products were having on me until I finally broke ties with the largest culprits: my lotions, hair products, and deodorant.  They were poisoning me.

Over 1500 harmful chemicals can be found in skin care and makeup products across the United States.  Harmful chemicals banned in other countries (Click here for the full story).  While looking for the perfect, clean products, my sister-in-law introduced me to Beautycounter and I fell in love.  I am now a consultant for a company that prides itself on clean, safe, effective products.  Whose mission is clear, “To get safer products in the hands of everyone.”

Isn’t that what everyone should be aiming for in health?  Safer products for ourselves.  Safer products for our families.  In a world that is full of environmental toxins, shouldn’t we do our part?

So here is what I know:

Beautycounter is for me.  It is clean.  It makes me feel beautiful.  I don’t have stomach issues when it is absorbed into my skin.  It is safe for my family and the environment.  The CEO is fighting for stricter policies and laws regarding skin care chemicals and is winning the battle.

Beautycounter is a company I want to learn from and thrive in supporting.

It can help you, too.

Yours in joy,


P.S. As always, I am here to help you meet your goals.  I work with clients both locally and globally by helping them effectively create Joyful Living Spaces.  There is no project too small or too large that we can’t tackle together.

Email me at joyfullivingspaces(@)

P.P.S – please visit my website to see all of the products and to learn more about how it can change the course of your skin care and makeup regimen and provide you with a healthier choice in health.



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